BUTTERFLY handcrochet labradorite necklace

$210.00 $110.00

Dreamy boho butterfly pendant necklace on a 32 inch labradorite and silk woven necklace. Each piece is made from ocean jasper and sterling silver. Individually handcrafted in Nepal, a favorite statement and one of a kind, unique keepsake!

Shown on our model Ally layered with the Bardot necklace in rainbow moonstone, Majestic short handcrochet necklace + Meteorite earrings.


The pieces are designed to be worn, and cherished. By using only hypo-allergenic, lead and cadmium-free metals: 14K gold fill, vermeil and sterling silver, we are filling the gap between cheap throw away lead-based jewelry and ultra-expensive fine jewelry.


The beauty that is embodied in gemstones is a daily reminder of the Earth’s natural gifts. We expertly source each gemstone by carefully considering the cut, clarity and composition. Whether it be the orbital pattern of Ocean Jasper or the blue flash of rainbow moonstone, our creative process starts here.

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