CHAKRA 14K wrap-necklace

$172.00 $89.00

The aligning rainbow colors of the chakra: carnelian, agate, apatite, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase and green agate with 14K goldfill beads are woven in to handcrocheted silk to create this exotic, luxe, convertible piece. At 32" in length and also with and adjustable two inch 14K goldfill chain closure, the piece converts easily as a layering necklace or as a wrap bracelet.

GEMSTONE HEALING: The Chakra wrap represents the beauty and balance of each these seven chakras. They each have their own spiritual purpose, represented by different stones. While some claim that the benefits of wearing the chakra comes directly from the energy of the stones used, others say that it merely promote awareness and allow for increased focus on keeping these seven energies in balance. 

Designed in LA and handcrafted in Brazil. 

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