FORTITUDE ram handcrochet necklace

$110.00 $33.00

Ram pendant made from mother of pearl carved ram with black rhodium plate on a 16-18" inch adjustable handcrochet silk and 14K gold fill necklace.

Shown worn by our model Bella with the CITRON eternity bands + black onyx tiny ilume ring.


Black Rhodium - High quality and built to last, this piece is made from hypoallergenic .925 sterling silver and plated with rhodium and sealed with a clear coat. Lead-free and Cadmium-free. Feel free to shower, swim, and sweat - Native Gem pieces are designed to be worn and cherished. But do keep in mind your jewelry will look its best if you apply lotion or perfume prior to wear and pat dry completely after.


We believe that wearing gemstones connects us to our Earth’s natural gifts. With sustainability at the forefront, we expertly source each gemstone, carefully considering the cut, clarity, and individual character of each and every stone. With the environment in mind, our opal and zirconia gemstones are created in a zero emission foundry.

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