botswana agate V hook hoops
14K vermeil ocean jasper ilume ring with gunmetal and gold crystal embellishment. hoop earrings with gold and gunmetal ilume crystal embellishment. The most comfortable and versatile earrings you will ever wear and a "must have". GEMSTONE HEALING: Through its particular...
14K gold fill rectangle hoop earrings with a mix of hand wrapped with 14K goldfill rose quartz, peach moonstone, botswana agate, pearl and herkimer diamond. Measuring approximately 3 inches. GEMSTONE HEALING: Herkimer Diamonds are powerful stones to open the higher chakras. It helps...
CROSBY necklace in botswana agate
The Crosby necklace is feminine, bohemian and ultra luxe. Made from handcrochet silk and layers of 14K gold fill chain. This piece is a complete look that is pre layered for you- feminine and easy to layer and wear. This...
$187.00 $110.00
WAVERLY botswana agate layered necklace
The Waverly necklace is elegant, bohemian and ultra luxe. Made from handcrochet silk and 14K gold fill chain, this piece works as a complete look that is feminine layering piece. It comes with an adjustable chain which extends up to 15"...
$128.00 $33.00
GATSBY sequin necklace in botswana agate
The Gatsby sequin necklace is a luxe beaded piece that combines a handcrochet botswana agate with 14k goldfill sequin chain. Measuring 32 inches with an adjustable chain, this works well as great layering piece and can also be worn as a...
$178.00 $78.00
GATSBY midi sequin choker in botswana agate
Beaded boho layering necklace that pairs pairs perfect with your other NG pieces or can be worn as a simple everyday piece. This hangs just below the neck, for woman who loves a to emphasize her collar bone but wants a choker...
$135.00 $33.00
BOTSWANA AGATE sterling silver wrap-necklace
Botswana agate and sterling silver are handwoven in to silk to create this luxe, convertible piece. At 32" in length and also with and adjustable two inch sterling silver chain closure, the piece converts easily as a layering necklace or...
$134.00 $68.00
CARLOTTA choker in Rose Quartz
A feminine luxe piece that can worn as a choker or adjusted in length as a statement necklace. Handwoven Botswana agate on silk measuring 12" with a cascading chain detail and rose quartz and a chain extension for comfort. This...
$172.00 $76.00
YAYA elephant handcrochet necklace
Good luck elephant pendant necklace made from handcarved jasper with stunning one-of-a-kind sterling silver setting on a botswana agate and sterling silver 32 inch silk handcrochet necklace. A beautiful statement piece inspired from traveling to Phukhet Thailand and falling in...
ECLIPSE handcrochet necklace
Boho gold crystal quartz crescent pendant on a handcrochet botswana agate and 14K goldfill necklace. GEMSTONE HEALING: An "eye" formation in Botswana Agate is both protective and considered especially lucky. Consider holding one while picking lottery numbers or choosing a...
$218.00 $110.00
SANCTUARY handcrochet necklace
A gorgeous blush gemstone point made from Rhodonite. Made from handmade  brass on a 32 inch handcrochet botswana agate and 14K goldfill nugget necklace. A feminine, romantic piece with just a bit of boho.  GEMSTONE HEALING: Rhodonite is highly recognized...
$210.00 $89.00
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