Native Gem is named for the earth’s natural gifts: beautiful rare stones set in metal using ancient techniques and intricate crochet work. Our design process starts first with quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship that can only be made with artisan hands.

The pieces are designed to be worn, and cherished. By using only hypo-allergenic, lead and cadmium-free metals: 14K gold fill, vermeil and sterling silver, we are filling the gap between cheap throw away lead-based jewelry and ultra-expensive fine jewelry.

Assembly, crafting, and design is completed in Los Angeles with elements of the line that are sourced throughout the world, most notably, the United States, Turkey, Nepal and Brazil.

The collection is coveted by some of the most beautiful and fashionable women in the world, including Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Underwood and Cara Delevigne.


designer amanda ezra headshotAs the creator of Native Gem, Amanda Ezra is rewriting the rules of the jewelry world.

The inspiration for the brand started in her youth following her mother who was an attorney that specialized in representing all aspects of the fashion industry. Early-on, Amanda developed her own style sense studying fine arts and taking college courses in fashion design as a teen and interning in fashion in New York City and Los Angeles. After graduating college, her experience lead her to becoming the owner of a prominent LA accessories showroom representing brands for over a decade. Drawing from her work with major department stores, the most sought-after specialty stores and online retailers, she found herself constantly providing feedback to her designers for certain pieces her clients were in demand for as to the kind of styles her clients were seeking. The commonality, were unique, luxurious items that didn’t feel mass produced. Amanda discovered a vast market that was not being filled: quality, unique, collectable jewelry at attainable prices.

Amanda creates pieces that are modern, versatile, and chic with a hint of sexy femininity and bold individuality. She is dedicated to creating unique designs that borrow from fine jewelry and artisan details. Amanda believes that great jewelry should not only be beautiful, but should also tell a story and evoke a sense of magic.

She is committed to exquisite craftsmanship in every step of production. Amanda works personally to source the materials for each collection with every stone and gemstone cut being selected by her. Her designs are dreamt up through her lifestyle, traveling, working in Downtown Los Angeles, and living in her refurbished 1920’s home in Silverlake in the company of her dogs: Sharlie, Billow and Teddy.


The beauty that is embodied in gemstones is a daily reminder of the Earth’s natural gifts. We expertly source each gemstone by carefully considering the cut, clarity and composition. Whether it be the orbital pattern of Ocean Jasper or the blue flash of rainbow moonstone, our creative process starts here.


We are proud of our commitment to providing exceptional quality while providing opportunities for artisans in our workshops throughout the world. Whether giving an opportunity to a collective of women in Brazil who do the crochet work for our woven necklaces, or the talented people who collaborate in the local LA office, we are connected to every one of our makers. Crafting each piece by hand imbues our creations with a sense of spirit and energy that cannot be replicated in mass market production, and it increases the demand for artisan job opportunities in our own community.

Social sustainability is at the center of our mission, and we have taken many initiatives to give back. We have donated to local and international fundraisers such as Adopt the Arts, Save the Children, DAV, The Midnight Mission among others. These practices, especially those that interact with the national quality of life of our Los Angeles community a principle objective.

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